Oxygen - rich low temperature magnetic gas waste incinerator HY-18

1.8 cubic garbage incinerator parameters:

Model: HY-18

Incinerator size:
138cm long, 138cm wide and 189cm high,The height of the steam collecting chamber is 56cm, the garbage input port is 180cm from the ground height, and the garbage input port size is 48x48cm.

Size of exhaust purification equipment of incinerator:
The length is 60cm long, 60cm wide, 250cm high, and the exhaust pipe is increased by 200cm, the total height: 450cm.

Elimination of sulphide power:
No icing environment used, voltage: 220V, power: 250W.
Use of freezing environment, voltage 220V, power 750W (250W after thawing)

Incinerator occupied land area:
350cm x 150cm.

low temperature incinerator

House construction:
to avoid operators working in the rain and to ensure that garbage is dry. (dry waste incineration time is short, and less wood vinegar is discharged).

Incinerator's life garbage:
30% water content of garbage quickly decomposed, 30~70% moisture content waste decomposition process long.

Incinerator waste input mode:
manual operation. We can customize the green propulsion room.

Incinerator waste input time:
once in the morning, once in the evening, to ensure the safety of the operator (the garbage mouth opens with a smell).

Incinerator anion ash treatment:
2~5 days processing, each time filling the waste normal decomposition, close the garbage input port, open the cleaning mouth, part of the negative ion ash shovel out, reserve some heat source.

Attention to incinerator operation:
every time the garbage input port and the negative ion ash outlet should be closed quickly, so as to avoid excessive nitrogen entering, and affect the performance of the product.

Incinerator maintenance cycle:
2~3 months to clean up steam collector and channel sediment.

Incinerator output steam

Environmental protection:

The steam collector and the steam outlet are cleared out of the sediment, mixed in batches into the dry garbage, and re-entered into the incinerator to decompose. Anion ash is directly used in soil conditioner.

After the dilution of wood vinegar, it can be used as deworming agent, or add weak base material and discharge.

1.8 cubic low temperature garbage incinerator net weight:


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