Coronavirus disinfection equipment

nCoV Disinfection equipment


Attacking the coronavirus can save humans,
Powerful sterilization, disinfection and deodorization equipment,
Step into the interior space in advance,
Kill the source of infection.

In an era of epidemic outbreaks,
Any country, company, individual,
Cannot stand alone.
Drug intervention,
Self defense,
Disinfection of infected areas,
FIRE PRINT disinfection, sterilization, deodorization equipment,
Using low temperature plasma technology,
High-intensity electric field penetrates air
Generate a large number of hydroxyl radicals and negative oxygen ions,
Hydroxyl radicals are a strong oxidant,
Bacterial viruses covered with hydroxyl radical gas can die quickly.
Bacteria and harmful molecules are called "clusters" (agglomerates).

It is not a stable molecule.
Chemical, biological, and odor pollution are all complex molecules in nature,
Their harmful effects are caused by their complex structure,
FIRE PRINT Plasma Sterilization Disinfection Treatment Equipment
Initiated oxidation breaks down chemical bonds containing potentially harmful chemicals and biological elements.

The Firebrand Plasma Generator adds energy to the air,
Put the simple elements of purified air in place,
Because high-energy plasma fills a specific space,
When it moves, it touches almost everything in the air,
It removes pollutants from the air,
Contaminants on solid surfaces,
Including bacteria, viruses, etc.
Remove all odors.
In public places around the world: buses, taxis, subways, planes, restaurants, hotel rooms, bars, cinemas, public baths, bus stations, hospitals, wards, bathrooms and other public areas.
Use FIRE PRINT disinfection, sterilization, deodorization equipment to purify the space,Avoid mutual infection.

Buy quickly,
Step in early,
To protect human life,
Please contact China
Zhejiang FIRE PRINT  Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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