Intermittent incinerators

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With the progress of human beings, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and more and more waste is discarded. People are being surrounded by the rubbish they throw away.

Incineration is the best option for killing bacteria. Incineration produces a lot of dioxin smoke.

Artificial intermittent garbage input, fuel high temperature incineration, with a grate, very thick high temperature protection wall, bottom ash outlet, a very primitive garbage incinerator.

An intermittent garbage incinerator can burn solid waste in life.

intermittent incinerators

Characteristics of intermittent garbage incinerator:

Garbage input to start the oil gun firing, waste was lit, blower air rolled up burning waste, waste not burnt out harmful gas particles are sucked into the chimney, although dioxin gas reduction through second high temperature burning, fuel burning gas output a lot of pollution, carbon emissions increased dramatically.

Smoke pollution food chain:

Released toxic gases into the atmosphere, particles float with the air, free to land or return to the surface with the mist. From drinking water, soil, respiration, vegetables and fish, and breast milk, entering the food chain has long accumulated in the human body, endangering human health.

Disadvantages of high temperature intermittent incinerator:

  • (1). Intermittent incinerator workers shall input garbage continuously,Long exposure to waste with bacteria.
  • (2).  The intermittent garbage incinerator should pay artificial, fuel and maintenance. The cost will be 200,000 to 600,000 RMB./ years
  • (3).  Open the incinerator door when burning and affect the health of the staff.
  • (4). Blow air combustion, do not burn the toxic substances to move, toxic substances are sucked out of the chimney,Pile up the grate below, the grate below does not burn, the output ash is poisonous.
  • (5). A large amount of nitrogen is involved in incineration, preventing waste incineration efficiency and releasing a lot of toxic gases.
  • (6).  There is a high cost of discharging toxic smoke and dust from the intermittent garbage incinerator.
  • Toxic dust needs to be buried.
  • (7).  The high temperature of intermittent garbage incinerator is corrosive, affecting the service life of the furnace.

We research and develop the production of oxygen - rich low - temperature waste incinerator, without the cost of fuel, saving maintenance, environmental protection.


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