Island refuse incinerator

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Island refuse incinerator.

The island leaves the mainland, surrounded by sea water, beautiful scenery.


It's a tourist resort,On the seashore, on the island,Tourists leave a lot of disposable life rubbish, and ship people abandon a lot of garbage on the sea, drifting to the beach, these life rubbish damage the environment, affect the living environment.

Shipping the garbage to the mainland for incineration, transportation and staff costs a lot of money. Island precious electric power, fuel shortage.

island refuse incinerator

Our waste incinerators do not require fuel or electricity, use oxygen-enriched air to help waste, decompose into negative ion ash and steam at low temperatures. Just a little bit of water, if electricity can be supplied, our steam treatment is cleaner and better for the environment.

Our incinerators can be installed in ocean-going vessels to incinerate the crew's life garbage, plastic products, and oil - stained fabrics.
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