Low temperature incinerator

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Low temperature incinerator

High temperature incineration produces a lot of dioxins

And dust.

low temperature incinerators

Dust and dioxins are treated It's a lot of money.

Low temperature incineration design,Environmental protection,No need for auxiliary fossil fuels

Little pollution,Dioxins are below eu standards,The world is interested in low temperature incineration.

With less money

Harmless decomposition of plastic products and sanitation waste.

Great contributions to mankind.

FIRE PRINT low temperature incinerator,Oxygen-enriched air

It's free.

A small amount of oxygen-rich air Maintenance of waste evaporation

Dry,Formation of carbon,Eventually it becomes ceramic grey.

Temperature of the incinerator in 50 ~ 380 ℃,Only the carbon combustion temperature below 400 ℃.

Carbon converted ceramic ash.

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