Oxygen-enriched incinerator

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Oxygen-enriched incinerator

Oxygen-enriched incineration, Save energy. Emissions are cleaner.

The manufacture of oxygen-rich air can be divided into several categories:

Chemical oxygen production, Electric oxygen production, Membrane oxygen.

Chemical oxygen production, easy to cause pollution, harmful to the human body.

Electricity produces oxygen and consumes energy.

Membrane oxygen, material consumption is huge.

We invented a gradient magnetic field to separate the air

oxygen enriched incinerator

Oxygen and nitrogen.

Nitrogen leaves the magnetic field,Oxygen is absorbed by a magnetic field.

The absorbed oxygen is sucked into the incinerator,Nitrogen cannot enter the incinerator.

FIRE PRINT oxygen-enriched incinerator,It's not going into nitrogen,Nitrogen is a flame retardant gas.

Without nitrogen, the incineration process is colder,Less gas is emitted.

FIRE PRINT oxygen-enriched incinerator,No flame is produced. Temperatures range from 50 to 350 degrees Celsius.

Incineration of household waste: plastic bags, disposable packaging, foam, fishing nets, old slippers, etc.

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