Magnetic incinerator

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Magnetic incinerator Strong magnetic separation of nitrogen and oxygen in the air,

At constant velocity,Gradient magnetic field,Nitrogen will deviate from the magnet,Oxygen is attracted to magnetism,An incinerator heats the air.

magnetic incinerator

The natural circulation of air,Naturally inhale oxygen-rich air near strong magnetic field.

We know that,The higher the oxygen content,The lower the burning temperature,FIRE PRINT incinerator is low temperature decomposition,50 ~ 350 ℃

You don't need fossil fuels,You don't need electricity.

Without fire,Burning disposable plastic packaging,Foam, old clothes, fishing nets, etc.

Dioxin emissions are below eu standards.

Steam appears in the air,The pipe has steam condensate (wood vinegar),Produce 1/300 ceramic ash,Wood vinegar, ceramic ash is harmless,The incinerator is cold.

No high temperature corrosion,Service life more than 10 years.

As long as you manually enter the garbage,Energy conservation and environmental protection.


FIRE PRINT Magnetic incinerator

Incineration of household waste: plastic bags, disposable packaging, foam, fishing nets, old slippers, etc.
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