Medical waste incinerator design

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Medical waste incineration is different from household waste.
Most hospitals are in densely populated areas.
More stringent pollutant discharge requirements are required.
We designed an oxygen-rich low-temperature medical waste incinerator,
No fire burns,
A very small amount of oxygen-rich air is added to help create a locally carbonized layer.
Most of the garbage is hypoxic.
The formation of carbon,
Carbon extrusion
The heat accumulation
It becomes ceramic dust.
Steam is produced in the furnace.
Charcoal burning temperature 400 ℃,
So the internal temperature of the incinerator is between 50 ~ 350 ℃.
To eliminate the stench of steam,
Medical waste incineration we will use,
Bigger plasma generators,
The plasma generator is a perfect product.
Suitable for odor treatment caused by medical waste incineration,
Fresh air,
Adsorbing dust,
Good products that kill bacteria,
It USES very little energy,
The output plasma gas is strong,
Plasma produced,
Free radicals,
The steam is released together.
To remove harmful substances from steam,
We extend the exhaust pipe as long as possible.


Let the exhaust gas and the plasma gas in the pipe,
They stay longer.
Better deodorization and sterilization.
In a corner of a crowded hospital,
To reduce odors and harmful emissions,
Avoid secondary pollution and bacterial transmission.
Seal of fire medical waste incinerator,
Energy saving, environmental protection,
Perfect products for a livable planet

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