FIRE PRINT crawler letter and package disinfection and sterilization equipment

letter and package disinfection and sterilization equipment

In the era of massive contact with epidemic germs, any subject, company, or individual cannot be alone. Requires equipment to cut the chain source: surface bacteria spread to people.

Powerful sterilization and disinfection capabilities, letters and packages enter the conveying room space, and are sterilized by ultraviolet and hydroxyl radicals without dead ends, which can cut off the source of pollution.

At present, families need disinfectant intervention, ultraviolet intervention, ozone intervention, drug defense, and indoor space disinfection to protect themselves.

Residential areas, postal services, and express delivery need to uniformly use crawler-type package disinfection and sterilization equipment, and use ultraviolet irradiation and low-temperature plasma technology. The high-intensity electric field breaks down the air to generate a large number of hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radical is a strong oxidant. The bacteria and harmful molecules are called "clusters" (aggregated into clusters). The bacteria and viruses covered by the hydroxyl radical gas and irradiated by ultraviolet light will die quickly.

Bacteria clumped together, it is not a stable molecule. Chemical, biological and odor pollution are complex molecules in nature, and their harmful effects are caused by their complex structure. chemical bonds of elements.

Because high-energy plasma and ultraviolet radiation fills a specific space, when the crawler moves, it touches almost everything on the surface of the package, which can eliminate bacteria, viruses, etc. on the surface of objects in the space.

Global needs, in bulk logistics, parcel delivery, use FIRE PRINT to sterilize and sterilize. Avoid the occurrence of cross-infection problems.

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