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Purification equipment:

Coronavirus disinfection equipment

Coronavirus disinfection equipment

Attacking the coronavirus can save humans, Powerful sterilization, disinfection and deodorization equipment, Step into the interior space in advance,Kill the source of infection.

In public places around the world: buses, taxis, subways, planes, restaurants, hotel rooms, bars, cinemas, public baths, bus stations, hospitals, wards, bathrooms and other public areas.Use FIRE PRINT disinfection, sterilization, deodorization equipment to purify the space,Avoid mutual infection.

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Incinerator incineration process video
Low temperature incineration design,Environmental protection.
Oxygen-enriched incinerator
Oxygen-enriched incineration, Save energy. Emissions are cleaner.
Magnetic incinerator
Magnetic incinerator Strong magnetic separation of nitrogen and oxygen in the air
Medical waste incinerator design
We designed an oxygen-rich low-temperature medical waste incinerator,No fire burns。
Intermittent incinerators
We research and develop the production of oxygen - rich low - temperature waste incinerator
Island refuse incinerator
Our incinerators can be installed in ocean-going vessels to incinerate the crew's life garbage